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India Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit India How to Apply for India Visa

Travel tips are quite important for the tourists, before landing at a new country one must have some idea how to adjust with any situation, food habits, dress habits, tipping, language, just to name a few. We want to give a hassle free travel to our guests. So, here we prepare some important travel tips for India travel.


You can buy the book Lonely Planet Guide or the India Handbook Guide of any good publishing house. In any book store of city you will get this book. The Lonely Planet Book is the storehouse of India travel guide. You can also buy Lonely Planet Map of India. Roger Housden’s Travel through Sacred India is also a good book.

Money Exchange centre

All the major towns and cities of India have money exchange centers. Always go to the bank or authorized money exchange centre to exchange your currency. Avoid any third party.


Indians are a little bit conservative, you can wear modern dress in any city, but while going to the villages and suburban areas dress in a decent way. Even if you dress in a decent way in the cities also you can ward off the evil eye.

Health Issues

Be careful about health. Take some vaccinations before India visit (we discuss it in a separate article). Carry the first aid and medicines that you take regularly. In a rural area or suburban area you might not get pharmacy or medical store. Indian foods are spicy, you might have experience a stomach problem! Always wash hands with dettol after using the doors and taps of the washroom. Eat at the restaurants where you see other people. Avoid non veg at the outside restaurants. Eat healthy. You can eat at the fast food joints in the major cities.

Avoid Street Food

In India you will see heaps of foods at the streets. Avoid it, you may fall sick.


The cities are polluted, if you have dust allergy or sinus problem carry your medicine. You can also bring a mosquito repellant.


Always drink water of the major brands of water like Bisleri, Bailey’s and Yes. These water bottles have plastic seal. The hotel may give you unsealed water, check it and ask them to give sealed bottle.


India soda seems have more sweet. If you aren’t used to it, you can avoid it.


Always take government approved guide, ask for them about their identity card. Some guides are very cunning, maintain a distance from them. Just behave professionally when you go for trip and when you explore something.


You should book the hotel in advance as the hotels of the major tourist destinations are always in chaos. Every hotel doesn’t accept credit card. To save your pocket use the telephone booths for long distance call.

Inter-City Travel

While traveling in a state from one destination to another you can travel by train and then hire cab or taxi. If possible avoid the busses.


In the major cities you can interact in English in any place, but in the villages you might face problem. So The Lonely Planet Hindi/Urdu Phrasebook helps you for sure.

Money/Travelers Checks

In major cities and towns you will get ATMS for visa cash advances. Don’t use black market for money changing. You can carry travelers check. Copy down the addresses/phone of the offices in Indian cities.

Encasement Certificates

You can change money at the airport when you leave. Save your encasement certificates to change money at the airport.


In any Indian town or city, you will see the beggars. They harass the foreign nationals more. We Indians generally give 1 to 10 rupees to a beggar mostly to the old people. Beware of the young women who trade with child. You can pay beggar 2 to 5 rupees, not more than that, if you pay more the beggars will follow you. The hermaphrodite may harass you. Pay just 10 rupees. Otherwise they vow curse on you.


We don’t suggest for tipping. You decide it yourself.