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Best Time to Visit India

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Your India tour will be prolific and enjoyable if you visit India in the right time as the climate of India is changeable throughout the year. The four seasons of India are winter, summer, monsoon, and post-monsoon. We have discussed it in the geography and climate section. So read on the Indian seasons and their main characteristics.

India has a diverse geography and so the best time to visit India differs to each destination and state of the city. Yet the most suitable time to visit India is in the post-monsoon and winter months from October to March. One can visit the northern hill stations in the summer season which lasts from April to July. The four Himalayan holy dhams of Hindus are open to tourists in the summer season only due to high snowfall. Delhi and Agra can be visited at any time period of the year. While planning a tour to Rajasthan one should avoid the summer season as summer days are too hot in Rajasthan.

In winter season, one can visit any destination of India. The best time for wildlife tourism is the winter months. The south India states of India can be visited at any time period of the year. We Indian Tourism Packages offer season based tour packages to India.